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The Fall of the Gods
The Fall of the Gods
Written by John Swartz
The drums that bellow and filled with fire,
They roll like thunder as we march,
armed with our own hopes to return home,
Our hearts scream with our desire!
We saw the gods,
they ruled us all!
You come to harm our ambition,
you cruelty comes to an end tonight.
We are not afraid,
we do not fear the black hands that grip us.
We defend our passions with blazing shields,
Dented armour and is covered in rust,
Eating holes in our defense slowly eroding away,
This does not slow us down!
We march on!
Each step of absolute certainty,
our faith unshakable as the mountains that watch,
they watch like buzzards prepared to swallow us up,
so we become lost to history -
we become just another name.
We saw the Gods,
Their pale faces revealed as heretics,
They rules us without knowing our names!
You tried to take our ambition,
to force us to be something we are not,
You’re a blackened lie.
We are not afraid of your plague covered hands,
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 2 0
Bandaging a Wound
Bandaging a Wound
Written by John Swartz
Our moment began with the stomping of feet,
a rhythm forged from adolescent children drug fueled,
sugary hyperness that made everything blurred out of control -
Yet time lingered for me;
Lingered like a storm that is about to break,
The first breath a baby takes,
The very last breath a man gives before becoming perished.
A moment hung as centuries flowed and twisted,
Creation and destruction all at one,
Stars are born, cradled and released.
As history is gently weaved together to tell a story,
All in that moment that came with a breathless “Hello.”
You told me you loved to draw and I saw stories being written,
Etched in stone high above my head in the clouds,
Each emotion carved slowly out of this bedrock -
Each masterpiece better than the last.
Those moments I hold close to me,
As a safeguard against all the charcoal black plunderers of today,
Warlords that are disguised as allies,
Using the same propaganda that marks
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 5 4
But I still love you
But I still love you
Written by John Swartz
I stumbled upon you today,
You came drifting into my place,
The angry storm brought me to you,
I know that I was brought to you,
Destined in the storm clouds above.
This uncertainty riddled my whole being,
Seedlings of dark doubt flowed in me,
Feeding the hollow unfaithful side of me,
I hold back this miserable feeling,
I cry my mantra out but my heart does not care.
"This is not real."
People fuel their doubts in everyone's life,
Slithering around me and penetrating my wisdom,
Your voice breaks me away back to you,
A light switching on and guiding me to you,
You are a wanderer  - a Nomad like myself,
I know time has caught up to you,
Exhaustion and Age once your travelling companions;
They are long gone and now death walks with you.
"I have walked with Lions,
I have spoke with a Whirlwind,
I have carved my words in a mountain,
I have lost a thousand children;
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 7 11
Dear Soul, Yours Truthfully.
Dear Soul, Yours Truthfully
Written by John Swartz

My Dear Soul I write to you with a heavy heart,
I have words that needs to be shared with you,
Written in these verses and stanzas written for you,
I asked for guidance by some high above power;
I find myself neglected and needing your advice.
How can I be a man without support or strength,
My enemies are willing to strike for my knees brutally,
They want to take me out and crush my very soul,
Willing me to become the gravel of the old dirt road,
I wonder what I have done? God, oh why? Why?
Your voice has never neglected me or guided me wrong!
Give me your wisdom and pull the strings for a while,
Get me out of this war-zone that threatens to consume me,
I have done whatever I needed to say but that doesn't seem enough;
How long am I expected to smile with such a frown?
I know in you that it's almost over now,
Friendship is so brittle that the storm carries away,
I can't take the pain that they have caused me,
I s
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 6 10
A Wretch like Me.
A Wretch like Me
Written by John Swartz

The literal monsters chance our blood-lines,
We are doomed to be hunted and haunted by Hell-Hounds,
A young girl has a tragic heart failure,
A young man has a painful, cancer induced suicide,
I listen to the winds and I fear that these hounds,
These hounds are on my forest trail. 
'Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch like me.'

I'm a lyrical master - my words have lifted crowds,
My words are buried in that cross road ground,
Hellish fingers gripping that dark contract,
The leverage to steal my very soul,
I listen to the water and have a great fear -
That my blood and my blood's blood are paying for it. 
'Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch like me.'

I hold no knowledge of why or who,
Why should my family take the pain I have induced,
The water is salted in secret lies and misunderstandings,
Cascading and suffocating those in a vic
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 7 19
Autumn Drives
Autumn Drives
Written by John Swartz

Lingering memories of melody and Autumn drives,
Gone in the twisted roads,
The dirt kicking rocks up on the mud flaps,
I can hear the engine whimper in solitude;
the radio sings to me like a mother's lullaby,
rocking me off to warm day dreams.
"Smile like an apple pie,
Set your straw hat on my head and walk on by, 
it's just another perfect day;
until she shows up in pretty shoes and you both skip away."

I hold the items that remind of those moments close,
The blue sky and the Autumn nights,
Those memorable emotions fill me with peace;
The calming of the thoughts that race through my mind,
Just like the easing of the breaks time slows,
for that moment we are together. 
"I thought love could be so easy,
like pulling petals off a daisy,
as if these freckles weren't enough;
this curly red hair on my head is always tangled up." 

That old dirt road holds many memories,
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 7 4
A little bit about myself
Hey Litterer's or those I call Readers..(I don't know, I just go by what I felt like writing back when I began writing.)
My name is John Swartz, I am an American all my life. I'm proud of my blood that runs through my veins and as my father use to say when I was a child 'John you're a Swartz, the blood of a near enough American runs through you. If you bleed it's red, white and blue.' I come from a military background with a pretty shitty family on my mother's side due to her terrible, terrible choice in men - except her current partner, he's awesome. I moved to England about 11 years ago the August after 9/11 for multiple reasons ranging from no work to my Mother wanting a fresh start since my Uncle died in the towers. 
I've been in a relationship for just over 6 years and she inspires me a lot with her wonderful, large, bright eyes. You will see a lot of referencing of Ruby-Blackthorn throughout my work, I often write about how I am feeling or little challenges she sets m
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 2 41
The Demons that Haunt
The Demons that Haunt
Written by John Swartz

Broken sweat, blood and tears I work for you,
Through wind, rain and snow the elements I work through,
My voice does not show weakness or exhaustion,
My body does not give up when at my weakest point I break,
Condescension is something I expect from people that hurt me;
Though you have given me support in reality it's lies. 
We are ignorant to crimes that would ruin us,
Following us through darken alleys and instead of being light,
You are the demon that stabs back into me with a knife,
So sharp are the words when I find the truth,
So sharp are the emotions that consume me when I hear,
I just want to break down in the darkness to die.
I am a silent believer that friends are closer,
Friends do not act like friends but really are bullies,
Honour and trust are what I was raised to believe,
Friendship was the second most important things to family,
I would die for every single friend that holds me close;
Even through
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 4 5
My Nocturnal Visitor
My Nocturnal Visitor
Written by John Swartz
A Dark scorn ripples down the translucent meadow,
Rolling up and over itself again and again,
Senseless blathering buffoons watch on,
Mocking me, always do they mock my judgement,
Whilst eating crumpets or drinking cups of tea,
They exist to be more like parasites then useful opinion.
I often ponder the relationship between greatness and average,
My thoughts can shift and morph like an insane man's dream,
My dreams come in the form of Dumas an excitable chap, 
He brought me Justice and Revenge, True love and destiny;
I become an automaton that scans bar-codes of chocolate,
To the rhythm of boredom that makes me so ashamed.
A shadow spreads down me with a thieving cry,
It's blacken hands uncaring and cold freezing me up,
it leaves a taste of tar and nicotine though I never smoked,
The raw after taste feels like it's discouraging me,
Lining me up that blood splatter wall to finish me in a bl
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 4 11
Then and Again it Comes
Then and Again it Comes
Written by John Swartz

Like old hooves of shire horses,
That echo through the night-time,
Rapid and powerfully you break the quiet,
On your tale of important,
Fast like the Wind you come;
And in your shadow your love is less,
A more and distant coldness for me.
Through the old woods that hold mystery,
Chased done by pale riders,
Creatures that are not like men,
Their shadow bodies that once were whole - are not,
Casted away through the centuries;
Empty shells but with malicious contempt,
We are not so uncommon those pale riders,
Neglect has become us and vengeance is ours to take.
Hollow trees that whisper tales to me,
As the November breeze takes over me,
Like Fairies and Spirits of the Woods,
You guild me onwards to capture you,
There is no evidence of my existence;
In the waking of the dawn - I am gone,
Undone from the stories, forgotten.
My god from the bitter frost lands,
He who guides my blade in the darkness,
But that lights my lantern when I am lo
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 5 6
The Sonnet of the Autumn Court
The Sonnet of the Autumn Court
Written by John Swartz

In the dawn we come after a long wait,
Our bones stiff and sore from waiting,
As summers last mists cover the ground,
Its heat haze slowly fade we march to war,
Our war drums beat a rhythm;
We step in time our kin in arms.
As September fades and comes to past,
We remember our brothers as they step down,
Their long march back to their halls of mead and wine,
We watch their slumber come as we step towards the hall,
Mar a dtosaíonn na duilleoga ag titim muid múscail.
We fear not for ourselves because this is our time,
No mortal man, or Immortal women shall strike us down,
Our leaves are golden, our leaves are blood red,
You can see our warning as we come to our hall,
Our banners warning that something wicked this way comes,
Is é ár armúr cnámh, is iad ár claimhte amach fola,
ní mór dúinn troid a mheabhrú
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 6 2
A Bleak Moment that Lingers Here
A Bleak Moment that Lingers Here
Written by John Swartz

Tides and seasons go by like a knife edge,
Quick and unnoticed they pierce me,
Slipping into me quickly obliterating me,
Silence, Motion and uncontrollable fear;
You linger upon me like a word - Forbidden.
Fairytale stories and dreamlands go past,
Quickly they flitter by me without realisation,
going over my masked face - like a whisper,
That emotion is the storm before the calm;
It lingers there like a ghost but there is a word - Loves.
Dawn and Midnight strolls take place,
Sprinting races in an Olympic trail I charge on,
The bouncing and rolling I follow through,
The blood that fills me flourishes gently;
Moments linger there like holding hands - You.
Tomorrow and Yesterday consume our lives,
Spirited we both survive to see what happens,
Like  a lovers kiss - quiet and sneaky but whole,
Memories made for butterflies slip into today;
Stories linger untold like life that is taken or given -
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 4 13
The Sonnet of the Battle
The Sonnet of the Battle
Written by John Swartz

Forward to war my friends,
Our souls bleeding for vengeance,
Confused we fight back the horde,
Our emotions lost within the confusion,
Black swords swing at us - blood flows.
We struggle unable to advance,
Our shields broken and cracked,
The taste of iron linger in your throats,
Our warcry lost within the storm,
Unable to breath we struggle to fight back.
Slowly we are overran
our enemy takes our lives,
I watch as my brothers fall,
Slowly one after another;
I can still hear the crying inside my head.
I feel that black sword smash against my armour,
Rendering the chain useless and my ribs buckle,
My eyes are wide with fear and terror but I swing,
I keep fighting - shield, sword, shield and sword,
My helmet blocks my vision so I can not see the defeat;
The defeat that takes my brother's lives.
Rejoice!  I hear the pounding of hooves!
The Horns of War that brings us joy,
Faith that I can go on forever undying,
My arm is of l
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 5 12
The Sonnet of Desire
The Sonnet of Desire
Written by John Swartz

We call upon the moments,
Those silent wishing moments,
That hold within our heads,
and that hold within our souls;
these seconds that tick by are ours.
Like storm clouds over head,
I feel you coming for me,
Like a tornado on the path of destruction,
Clearing through my life;
Taking from me what is mine.
You believe I am yours,
You believe that you own me,
You believe that you can take me,
I believe you are wrong;
But at the same time - right.
I hope that these desires,
This need that you have,
Is just that - a need,
A silently lethal need;
Stabbing me slowly in my sleep.
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 6 7
In the Rainstorm
In the Rain Storm
Written by John Swartz

There is a place in a far away land where the Sun sets and the rain comes, cooling the forests that cover the mountains and refills the rice patty fields, where the Harrib work daily to just survive and the stone guardians of the Sarris, watch over the land waiting for the horns of war to be sung again and to bring honor to their Makers.
"Mommy what about the Waytin? What about us?!" Said a little voice from beneath a pile of blankets and cushions, her little horns poking out from beneath them as a thunderstorm bellows outside.
"Now little Po Tow, my darling, I can only tell you story if the winds in the valley become silent just long enough for the bird to sing it's song, now hush my love." Spoke a gentle women, her hard worked face tighter then leather from her demanding life as a worker for the House of Sarris, her horns curved and tough but also marked with the name of her owner.
This woman's name was Xao Tow, she was a elderly Waytin
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 2 13
The Sonnet of the Good Morning
The Sonnet of the Good Morning
Written by John Swartz.

I feel the warmth of your almond hair,
As I awake in the morning - after dreams of skies,
Falling, falling and falling,
I linger in the dream state just for a little bit longer,
As I fall in love with you more.
The sky opens with wonderful rays of light,
The light of life makes me smile as the heat,
it touches my skin like a hug, warm and loving,
Falling, Falling and Falling in love,
The motion of the world revolves around you.
Tomorrow is another time away,
A point of my life I don't consider,
My life lingers upon your every word,
Falling, Falling, Falling in love with you,
The future holds no concern to our happiness.
I linger there as we wake just thinking,
The sound of pattering feet and cries,
Your glowing skin radiently alive,
Fallen, Fallen and I have fallen in love with you,
My life is nothing but a breath when I lie there,
Held onto in the back of my throat as I watch you.
I remember those moments later on,
Just at
:iconkane-blackthorn:Kane-Blackthorn 15 23



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I feel like I need to say this it's been biting at me for months now and with Christmas coming soon I just wanted to say something. To you America. Really specifically you.

I've been noticing a lot of bashing of Muslims and Islamic faith recently on Facebook and other places but this really needs to stop. This behavior is unacceptable, and this is coming from one of the worst generations - ever. Period. What is wrong with you? You keep going on and on about "We need to fight terrorists.." "We need to defend against ISIS.." and yes these threats are very real, especially after the events in Paris. I know Warmongers like FOX news fuels your delusions and get you into the state your in plus your not well informed anymore. News, proper journalism, is often looked over. But just take a moment...

As of March 2015, approximately 210,000 civilians have died violent deaths as a result of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan directly from War. 210,000 people. Let me put that into prospective - in 9/11 as result of the towers falling (not including people dying from consequences like cancer and so forth as it still grows) 2,753 from the Twin Towers alone. 2,753 people. Now I am not belittling what happened in New York being New York born we all had things happen to us but I want to make something clear.

You call them Terrorists and you deny them safety, you label them. When - we - Americans invaded their country, bombed their lands, took their oil and have refused to leave. How is that not any different? We as easily could be seen as terrorists and most likely do to them! By the stars look at Donald Trump, or the people in the South! 49% of people voted to agree with Donald's Trumps movement to deny Muslims entry! 49%! How can this be right?!

You keep saying America is "God's country" Or "One nation under God" but do you realize how wrong you are actually being?

The first Amendment states;

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion."

Followed by:

"As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen (Muslims).." - The Treaty of Tripoli, John Adams.

The origins of our country was people wanting to escape the corrupt faith of the Church of England at the time! People left to be able to have their own faith! (To read more: ) How can we as anything less than these people escaping a country torn apart by a faith-based war deny them anything but hospitality and understanding? Do you think we are so superior? Do you think we are doing the God's will?

The Bible actually quotes:

"They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world, and the world listens to them. We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error. Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love." 1 John 4:5-8

You send all these messages of hate across social media or on the news, you shout and rave about those "Immigrants" coming to take our land! Is that not exactly what you have done? Or our Ancestors done? You fear a religion that is just as peaceful as our faith should be! Their faith is still built on a foundation similar to ours and Judaism but like our faith has extremists - how can you label these people the same as others? Do you not hear how that makes you sound? Do you not think how this can - and is - portrayed around the world? Let me give you a clue - he had a small mustache and killed 6 Million Jews.

I love you America - your my home. My blood is filled with your desires, your heart and your song. My feet have been crafted by generations of people that have worked, fought for what they believed in - a chance, a dream. The American Dream. How can we deny people the dream of safety? How can we deny or abuse those that just want a place to feel safe enough to sleep?

Learn from History - all mighty Empires fall and all those little people you reject might not be there to help piece yourself together. Your a Bully America - stop it. Just stop and think about this logically, with historical evidence. How can we be doing this?

"And (be good) to the neighbor who is your relative and to the neighbor who is not a relative...."(Qur'an; 4:36)

How is no different to what you were taught in church? Love thy Neighbor. Peace. Hospitality. Is this just not common decency?

Love thy Neighbor. That's my Christmas gift - Love thy Neighbor.

"Oh Most Merciful One, send prayers, peace and blessing on traveling light in the cosmos". An Arabic prayer.

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Well, I expect since I'm nearly 24 years old I should change my bio to portray a little bit more about myself as I have most certainly changed since I joined this site. Firstly, Welcome! Thank you for viewing my page and reading this! I am glad that you've taken time out of your day to have a look around here.

I'm fairly open so what you need to know about me:
I'm engaged to my lovely fiancee Kara-Jayne Thorn for nearly 10 years, engaged for only 3 years nearly. I am in full time employment in a board game shop and I love my job as it really lets me just be me - geek.
I'm mostly a poet, I tend to lean more towards concrete poetry but I am desperately trying to become a slam poet but since I've never been to an event I haven't gotten the chance to do anything else.
I currently have every little inspiration for my work but I get the feeling that it might change soon! I miss writing.

So yeah, that's me. Nothing amazing just a hard working young adult with a loving and caring lover. If you want to request work let me know, or if you like to feature my work feel free just let me know! Otherwise - enjoy!



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